Wednesday, February 5, 2020

What to Do If You’ve Been Shot

phone dialing 911
If you’re afraid of being shot, you’re not alone. In recent years, more and more Americans rank being involved in a shooting among their top fears, leading to a rise in bulletproof protective products for sale. However, you mustn’t let fear prevent you from living your life. By learning in advance what to do if you or someone else gets shot, you can conquer your anxiety and potentially save a life. Follow these steps:

Call 911: You need medical professionals on-site quickly, so call 911 as soon as possible after realizing someone has been shot.

Try to Stop the Bleeding: Most gunshot victims die because of blood loss; even an injury to the arm or leg can be fatal if the wound bleeds freely. Either apply manual pressure on the wound or fasten a tourniquet tightly above the wound.

Don’t Underestimate Internal Damage: Even if the victim is wearing a bulletproof protective product that caught the bullet, there may still be serious internal damage. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Plug Chest Wounds: When there is an open chest wound, there is the risk of a lung collapsing due to air being sucked into the cavity. Plug the hole with something non-absorbent, like petroleum jelly from a first aid kit or even something improvised like plastic or tape.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Bulletproof Hoodies are the Smart Choice for Everyday Protection

man wearing a hoodie near a lake
Wearing protective gear everywhere you go may seem paranoid. But the reality is that mass shootings and tragic accidents happen every day in our country -- and no place is totally safe. Fortunately, recent manufacturing advancements have made protective gear more wearable and affordable than ever before. For example, bulletproof hoodies blend casual wear with body armor to create stylish, potentially life-saving apparel.

Appropriate for both youths and adults, these hoodies feature detachable, overlapping Kevlar panels to protect your torso. You can also put the hood up for discreet head protection as well. Few products shield all the most vulnerable areas of the body like this. Furthermore, bulletproof hoodies are surprisingly light; they usually range between 6 to 9 pounds, which feels negligible when spread over your entire torso. Despite their light weight, they offer NIJ Level IIIA protection.

With an adult-sized hoodie, you can feel safer anywhere you go, whether it’s a crowded event or a quiet neighborhood. Likewise, pairing a youth-sized hoodie with a bulletproof backpack offers both parent and child greater peace of mind. Explore your options today to learn how you can better protect yourself and your loved ones. It may be the most important clothing purchase you ever make.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

One World Outdoor Gear’s Safety-Focused School Program

kids walking to school with backpacks on
In a world where school shootings are a semi-regular news topic, it can feel frustrating to try and protect young learners when policies, procedures, facilities, and other important aspects of safety seem out of your control. Even so, education is an invaluable resource, and students shouldn’t have to live in fear because they lack the ability to react effectively in the event of a crisis. That’s why One World Outdoor Gear offers schools and districts in the New York metropolitan area access to our bulletproof backpack inserts.

These products offer a high level of protection -- comparable with the equipment used by police. Made in four sizes, they fit almost any backpack and can be customized as part of our partnership with schools that value safety. 

When paired with effective measures from the administration and preparation from concerned parents, these supplemental self-defense devices provide actionable steps that kids can take in an emergency. Unlike many other methods of protection, they also don’t increase risk or disrupt education by being present in schools. If you’re looking for ways to help yourself and your students feel safer, these make ideal investments that add a personal layer of defense when it’s needed most.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Stay Safe in Style with a Bulletproof Sports Coat

bulletproof sports coat
From active shooters to everyday accidents, it’s impossible to predict when one wrong bullet might make its way into your life. That doesn’t mean you can’t prepare. The best protection often comes from gear that doubles as regular apparel. Luckily, advancements in technology make shooting safety more stylish and accessible than ever. One option that many hunters, hobby shooters, and general self-defense enthusiasts rely on is the bulletproof sports coat.

Visually indistinguishable from many popular coats and durable enough to provide protection anywhere you might go; this specialized product can come packed with safety features, such as:

  • ID Labels
  • Reflective Logos
  • Warm Lining
  • Waterproof Materials

Most importantly, though, they can save lives when it matters most. Whether a fellow outdoorsman accidentally fires from a distance or a malicious individual decides to take out his frustrations on a crowd, few things offer the same kind of safety as wearable bulletproof garments.

What makes sports coats with this protection built in so valuable is the fact that you can wear them at any time. Kevlar vests aren’t exactly appropriate attire for the average day out, and the unpredictability of gun-based violence often leaves little time to change or retrieve protective wear. With a fashionable coat, you stay ready for potential threats.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Get Peace of Mind When You Send Your Child to School with a Bulletproof Backpack

parents saying goodbye to their son before school
Childhood is a time of light-hearted, carefree fun. At school, young people should only be concerned with hanging out with friends, playing sports, and doing homework. Thoughts of dangers lurking in the halls should be the farthest things from their minds, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

It’s easy to think of examples of school shooting tragedies. The names of these schools are seared into our consciousness, and sadly more are added all the time. It’s also not difficult to wonder how different those situations would have been if the victims had dependable and proven protection.

You don’t want to be looking at bulletproof backpacks for your children and considering the implications, but you have to because the world we live in can be a dangerous place. You want the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are as protected as possible when they’re at school. The world isn’t a perfect place, and as a parent, you want to do whatever you can to protect your children from the threats out there. Protective backpacks help with that. At One World Outdoor Gear, we do what we can to aid you.

Bulletproof backpacks provide the protection you desire for your children, no matter what grade they are in. And they give you confidence that your child can find safety if they ever have to.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Welcome to the One World Outdoor Gear Blog

One World Outdoor Gear logo
Sometimes the world is truly a wondrous place, full of joy and beauty. At other times a different form of reality rears its head and makes us hold our loved ones just a bit closer. Those are the times that we wonder how we can protect those who are nearest and dearest to us when we can’t be with them. Bulletproof protective products are one answer.

You will find more answers and helpful information here in our new blog. At One World Outdoor Gear, we want to help you to be as prepared and informed as possible so you can protect your children and other people close to you. Knowledge helps people make the right decisions, and that’s incredibly important when you’re talking about the lives of your loved ones.

In our blog, we’re going to discuss the benefits of using bulletproof protective gear, for example, and ways to use it. We’ll also look at topics such as how this equipment delivers peace of mind, too, because knowing your children are safe at school is very reassuring.

We want to welcome you to this blog. We hope you will become a regular visitor and benefit greatly from the information we provide here. Safety is our ultimate goal, and it’s something we take very seriously.